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As an artist, my passion lies in creating sports scenes, especially those from the University of Georgia. My style is a blend of impressionistic and figurative art, where the goal is to encapsulate the raw energy and emotion of each sports moment. I've come to appreciate sports as a modern-day coliseum; a vibrant stage where every moment is significant and filled with passion. 


In addition to sports, another avenue of my creativity reveals itself in live, in-person painting at weddings and events. This aspect of my work is a unique experience, bringing to life the real-time emotions and moments on canvas at these special occasions. 


While I paint a wide array of subjects, figurative portraiture holds a special place in my heart. The narrative each face carries, the myriad expressions it reveals, are stories I delight in portraying on canvas. 


What sets my art apart is my taste for minimalism. There's an adage that goes, "I didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one instead." This resonates with my approach to painting. I enjoy the challenge of distilling a subject down to its essence, creating a piece that, while minimal in detail, is rich in meaning and emotion. The result is a calming and inspiring painting that not only beautifies your wall but also evokes the right emotions to help you conquer your day. 


Currently, I'm open for commissions and look forward to the opportunity to create a unique piece for you. Despite some recognition in the art world, I stay grounded and thankful, cherishing every chance to do what I love.

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Showcased Painting

Braves Win!
...and dont step on downed power lines!
 (if you know, you know)

30x36 Acrylic on Canvas

Donated to Ducks Unlimited baquet on March 9th at Barnstormers Grill


Stetson Weekend for Wildlife edit.jpg
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